10 Safety Tips For White Water Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an exciting outdoor activity that you and your friends or family can enjoy. This sport has gained popularity in recent times. You do not need much experience in whitewater rafting to enjoy it as professional outfitters will accompany you. However, before you engage in this activity, you should familiarize yourself with some safety tips. This will go a long way to ensure that you have the best white water rafting experience.



The following article will provide ten safety tips for white water rafting.


Have a qualified and licensed rafting outfitter


You need to look for an outfitter who has several years of experience in whitewater rafting. You can acquire this information by asking them various questions regarding their licensing and experience. Ask them about the bodies that govern their training programs and relevant permits from the government. Depending on the answers given, you will know if you are working with a professional outfitter. Be prepared for excessive gas and bloating


Always wear a life vest


The life jacket must be work correctly. All buckles should be clipped, and the vest should fit you perfectly. The life jacket should not be loose as it will be uncomfortable neither should it be too tight as you will be unable to breathe. Ask your professional outfitter to fit your jacket.


Wear a helmet


You might not find to wear a helmet. However, if the wave accidentally hits your boat, you may end up falling into the water. Since you have no control over where you land, you may hit your head really bad. A helmet prevents you from getting killed as it minimizes the impact. You may, however, have a minor injury.


Have the right outfit for whitewater rafting


You want to have a comfortable rafting adventure. As a result, you should wear clothes comfy clothes and shoes. A wetsuit, water shoes or sandals, and a reflective jacket are some of the items you should wear. It is also possible to rent this gear from your outfitters.


Hold the paddle properly


If you mishandle, the paddle, you could end up knocking off your teeth or getting a black eye. Your outfitter should show you the right technique when using a paddle.


Stay in the boat


When rafting, you could be jolted out of the seat and into the water. You need to stay calm and find your boat. If not, head to the river bank for safety. Always listen to your guide when they are giving instructions.


Practice swimming


Be ready to swim; you might end up in the water. Your rafting guide will show you some whitewater swimming techniques. Never stand up in moving water, always swim to the end of the shore.


Understand all the commands


Pay attention to your guide when he or she is going over all the commands and signals. These are essential to ensure safety while on the river.


Do not panic


Panicking will only lead worse situations. Stay calm at all times.


Ask questions and listen to your guide


Your raft master is trained to handle every type of situation while on the river. In case of any queries, ask your expert before you head out to the river.